Visible Video Microscope

SOP for Olympus BX40 UV-Visible Video Microscope

PURPOSE: To describe the procedure for Koehler illumination and photodocumenting of specimens to obtain the best possible images.

PRECAUTIONS: When using the UV light, stand behind the clear, protective shield attached to the front of the microscope.


A. Microscope:

  1. Bacteria specimens:

    1. Turn on main power switch.
    2. Adjust filter to "0"; adjust light path selector to middle position.
    3. Open aperture iris diaphragm and field iris diaphragm wide. Use 10X objective and focus specimen.
    4. Close field iris diaphragm most of the way. Raise condenser until edges of partly closed field iris diaphragm appear superimposed on specimen.
    5. Use substage condenser centering screws to center field diaphragm and than slowly open field iris diaphragm until it just disappears.
    6. Lift eyepiece out of body tube and look down at back lens. Slowly close aperture iris diaphragm so that approximately l/4 of the back lens is occluded.
    7. Adjust intensity of lamp with the transformer.
    8. Use oil immersion with 100X objective.
  2. CHO Cell Specimens:

    1. Follow procedure under Bacteria specimens above, a-g, except use Phage 2 filter instead of "0".
    2. Adjust lens to 40X.
    3. Turn on UV-light at power supply. Needs approximately 5 minutes to warm up.
  3. Cell Counting

B. Computer:

  1. Pull light path selector knob to third stop. Insert disc.
  2. Go to "Apple."
  3. Go to Recent Application, then Video Monitor.
  4. Go to FILE - open
  5. Go to EDIT - copy
  6. Label picture. Put picture on disc.
  7. Eject disc.

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