Case 4: An Ultra Bad Hair Day

Case 4: An Ultra Bad Hair Day

Developed in Partnership with Stratagene

In this case study, students grapple with issues relating to quality control. In this scenario, a product coordinator at a fictitious company (Ecco Hair Design) discovers that there is a problem with a shampoo after receiving a letter of complaint from a well-known model. The conceptual focus of this case/lab is on protein purification, and the lab requires students to follow Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs). Students may also choose to design a revised SOP as a completion to the lab.  For instructional materials, follow the links below.  These include the case study, the SOP, Appendix, and the Laboratory Procedure.  A facilitator guide is also available here after log-in.  

Ultra Bad Hair Day Case Study

Laboratory Procedure: Ultra Bad Hair Day

UBHD Standard Operating Procedure

UBHD Appendix



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