Bristol-Plymouth Regional Technical School

Students in this accredited four year program will gain all of the skills, knowledge, and experience needed to perform basic scientific research. Through hands-on labs and rigorous academic investigation, students will dive in to the topics of microbiology, microscopy, tissue culture, biomedical engineering, hydroponics, genetics, proteomics, and bioinformatics. Students will become proficient in basic technical skills including solution preparation, aseptic and sterile technique, centrifugation, and equipment maintenance and calibration. They will also prepare themselves for college, spending time developing their technical reading and writing, learning and applying statistical analysis, and examining various career paths. During the four years, students will have the opportunity to speak with a wide variety of professionals in the field of biotechnology, visit both academic and industrial labs, attend conferences to present research, conduct independent research, and visit colleges and universities that offer degrees in biotechnology.


207 Hart St


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