Brooks Academy of Science and Engineering

The school has implemented a pilot biotechnology component, this year, into our high school biology curriculum with great feedback from the students for more. As a result the school board has approved for this coming school year a full 2 year Biotechnology program, as part of our STEM "T" track. The biotechnology program will consist of a year 1 introduction to the biotechnology industry and science. Here, students are exposed to lab safety, proper sterilization procedures, proper use of lab equipment and practice in lab based mathematics as well as associated core biology and chemistry concepts. As important, students are also expected to setup and utilize a legal science lab notebook. Students will learn to conduct careful experimentation techniques that will reinforce their basics.
The second year will focus on advanced biotech lab techniques dealing with agriculture, pharmaceutical and medical biotechnology. The second year will culminate in a student independent research project for presentation and defense.
As part of our school goal to continue putting higher education in the forefront of student's minds by giving students options for science related careers as well as non-science careers through biotechnology. We will be working with our current biomedical internship partners for including our qualified year 2 students into their work places that would best fit the student's interest and possible goals. Our school is also working with our local mentor Texas A&M University on our STEM initiative to better serve our students. Lastly we are in preliminary contact with Austin Community College biotech program to be a partner for dual credit advanced biotech recognition starting for the 2nd year of our program implementation.

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