BayBio Institute

The BayBio Institute (BBI) is the 501(c)(3)arm of the BayBio Association, Northern California's Life Science Industry Association, with more than 450 members.

BBI was established in 1990 as the Bay Area Bioscience Center by the founders of biotechnology, a consortium of public officials, and educators who saw a need to maintain and promote the intellectual and educational climate of the region. BBI's mission is to maintain Northern California’s leadership in life science innovation through support of entrepreneurship, science education and life science career development. Over the last 20 years, the BayBio Institute has been a resource for educators, start up companies, and life science professionals throughout Northern California.

The BayBio Institute (BBI) strives to ensure that the economic and intellectual power of the region's life science industry and its employees remains strong. By maintaining our focus on programs related to entrepreneurship, science education and life science career development, BBI supports the foundations of life science innovation that have made Northern California the most prominent life science cluster in the world. As a non-profit 501(c)(3), our objectives are met through collaborations, partnerships, and the generosity of individuals and foundations.

Located in the birthplace of biotechnology, BBI is committed to ensuring that life science entrepreneurs connect to the capital and resources needed to sustain critical innovation in the industry.

By supporting science education and educators, BBI helps build the next generation of life science professionals.

By exposing students to career pathways and opportunities in the life sciences, connecting employers and job seekers through the BayBio Career Center, and providing professional development opportunities to incumbent workers, BBI ensures that the workforce pipeline for the industry remains strong.

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