Polypeptide and Protein Drugs

R. C. Hider and D. Barlow
Ellis Horwood Press
Publication date: 


ISBN 0-13-677253-6
The folks at Genentech recommended this book and I use this as a reference. It has chapters on HPLC, freeze-drying, toxicity and safety testing, pyrogen testing, and it has a series of case studies that are interesting. I worry about the 1991 date.



Reviewed by: 
Jim DeKloe

After washing onto the island

After washing onto the island of Calypso, Odysseus spends seven years with her, though each day he
mourns for his wife. Destructive Reach-2 Increases range
and reduces threat of Destruction spells. The general rule for every
fight is that Fear is your best friend.


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