Calhoun Community College

This program offers an Associate of Science degree in Biotechnology with opportunity to work in various fields of study including Health Care (drug discovery, vaccines, devices and diagnostics), Ag Biotech (genetically modified organisms, food safety), Industrial and Environmental Applications (biofuels, biomaterials), Biodefense (vaccines, biosensors), and Research Tools (DNA fingerprinting, bioinformatics, microarray technology, nanotechnology). Local companies will provide internships for students who have completed the first year of biotech classes at Calhoun and will work with students and instructors to ensure our graduates are trained to enter the local workforce.

In addition to general education course required, students will take courses in introduction to biotechnology, cell culture, molecular biology techniques (working the DNA, RNA, proteins), as well as a series of 3 courses of independent study using techniques learned, the last course being an internship where classroom skills will be applied to the workplace.


Calhoun Community College - Huntsville Campus
102 Wynn Drive NW
Huntsville, AL 35805
Phone: 256-306-2845
Program leader (s): 
Necia Nicholas

Degrees and certificates

Graduates from this program have been employed by : 

In Huntsville, AL: Thermo Scientific, Diatherix Laboratories, Prodigy Biosystems, Hudson-Alpha Institute Education and Outreach

In Birmingham, AL: University of Alabama at Birmingham

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