St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley

Called the ‘Bio-Belt,’ St. Louis is a hot bed of life science research and development, garnering a major share of the biotech venture capital pouring into the Midwest. St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley (STLCC-FV), in anticipation of this upwelling of biotech, officially launched the AAS Biotechnology program in 1999, and now has graduates at many of the life science companies of St. Louis including Pfizer, Monsanto, Sigma Aldrich, the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, Centocor, Millipore, Washington University School of Medicine, and more. Since its inception, the STLCC Biotechnology Program has conferred nearly 100 AAS and CS degrees and placed 91% of the core course completers into jobs in plant and life science. It is recognized as one of the best research and development biotechnician training programs in the U.S. 

In this video, Dr. Mark Abad discusses PHYCAL, an algae biofuels company, and the benefits of working with students from St. Louis Community College in the BRDG park contract research organization.


St. Louis Community College-Florissant Valley
3400 Pershall Road
St. Louis, MO 63135
Phone: 314-513-4961
St. Louis Community College Center for Plant and Life Sciences
1005 N Warson Rd
St. Louis, MO 63132
Phone: 314-513-4961
Program leader (s): 
Scott Gevaert
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Degrees and certificates

Graduates from this program have been employed by : 

Pfizer, Monsanto, Sigma Aldrich, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, Centocor, St. Louis Community College, Millipore, Washington University of St. Louis, University of Pittsburgh, Divergence, Coviden, bioMerieux.


Students of this program have had internships at:

Phycal, Microbe Innotech, Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, Millipore, Ralston Purina, Solae, bioMerieux, BioBench CRO, St. Louis Community College, Washington University of St. Louis

Program activities
Special projects: 
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