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The following pathways have been approved by the Washington State Board for Community and Technical Colleges:

  1. Associate in Applied Arts and Sciences Degree in Bioenergy Operations:
  • Up to 116 credits over two years (quarter system).

  • 7 new courses in Bioenergy – all available on-line (with hands-on labs):  Introduction to Bioenergy; Biorefinery Processes; Biorefinery Equipment; Biomass Feedstock Management; Biorefinery Operations; Bio-Chemical Conversion; and Thermo-Chemical Conversion.

  • Supporting courses = existing courses in Energy Systems, Water Management, Agriculture, Chemistry, Biology, and Engineering.

  1. Certificate in Bioenergy Operations:
  • Available for completion of Year One sequence (49 credits).
  • Three Bioenergy courses required. 
  1. Bioenergy Short Certificate series:
  • Tailored for incumbent workers and students at aligned community and technical colleges.
  • Biorefinery Processes: Intro. To Bioenergy + Biorefinery Processes (5 credits);
  • Biorefinery Operations: Biorefinery Equipment + Biorefinery Operations (7 credits); and
  • Chemical Conversion: Bio-Chemical Conversion + Thermo-Chemical Conversion (10 credits).
  1. Certificate in Biomass Feedstock Management:
  • Issued after completion of three quarters course sequence (57.4 credits).
  • 75% of courses required for Certificate are also required for existing Associate Degree in Agriculture Science & Technology.
  • New Biomass Feedstock Management course = only required Bioenergy course.
  1. Under development: Associate in Science – Option I (Life Sciences) transfer degree with Bioenergy courses:
  • Transfer degree with draft articulations developed in coordination with:
  1. Oregon State University’s Bioresource Research (BRR): Bioproducts and Bioenergy Option program; and
  2. University of Washington’s Environmental Science and Resource Management (ESRM) program.
  3. Planning to articulate in the future with: Washington State University; University of Idaho; University of California at Davis; and Western Washington University.


Walla Walla Community College (Bioenergy Agriculture Center of Excellence)
500 Tausick Way
Walla Walla, WA 99362
Phone: 509-527-3678
Program leader (s): 
Jason Selwitz
Program web site (s): 


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