Resources for students, instructors, programs, state, and industry partners

Bio-Link has spent the last decade connecting the biotechnology community. These resources are intended to help answer your questions and help you connect.


Students and alumni

If you are a student or considering a career change, you may want to know about:

Careers:  What kinds of careers are there in Biotechnology?

View stories from community college graduates and learn about what they do on the job and how they came to work in biotech.

Degrees & Certificates  

How long will I have to go to school?  What kinds of things will I learn in a biotech program? 

Find out by reading descriptions of biotechnology degrees and certificates.



If you're job hunting or researching careers, you can use this map to see where biotech employers are located.  Not only are biotechnicans hired by companies, they often work in universities and other kinds of research institutions, as well.

Many Bio-Link programs keep track of companies that hire their graduates.  Here is a table with links to some of those companies.

This map shows the locations of several Bio-Link programs.  Only a few programs are on the map at the moment, we will be adding more over the next few months. 

Each Bio-Link program is unique.  Check out individual program pages to learn what each program has to offer.


Instructors and programs

If you are an instructor or administrator in a community college biotechnology program, you may be interested in:

We have been collecting curriulum specifically for training biotechnicians.

Many programs are designed to meet the needs of their local biotech industry.  They also establish industrial advisory boards to assist in this goal.  These maps and links should help you find companies and other biotech employers in your area.

Many states have economic development boards or non-governmental organizations that support biotechnology and related industries. These groups can help your college connect with your local industry and find out the kinds of skills you should teach and the kinds of hiring needs in your area. Learn more about the resources your state has to offer. 


Employers and industry

If you are interested finding skilled technicians or working with colleges to help guide technician training, you want to know:

Learn what topics are covered in associate degree or certificate programs.  There may already be a biotechnology program in your area that offers training in the skills you need.  If not, you may still want to find programs and work with them to include topics you need. 

You may want to work with a local college and have your training topics added to their curriculum or you might want to recruit their students. Here's how to find programs near you and learn what they have to offer.

Many states have non-profit organizations that support biotechnology and economic development.  Learn about resources in your state. 


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