Southern California Biotechnology Conference 2012 Presentations


These presentations are from the Southern California Biotechnology Conference 2012.

We wish to thank Dr. Sandy Slivka from Miramar College for organizing this event and allowing us to post these presentations.

Presentation Bio-Link program
Math and Biotechnology

Presenter:  Lisa Seidman, Madison Area Technical College, Madison, WI

Dr. Seidman discussed the importance of learning mathematics in context for students entering technical fields like biotechnology. 

Madison Area Technical College
Industry Trends

Presenter:  Joe Panetta, BIOCOM, San Diego, CA

Mr. Panetta discussed industry trends in the new economy. 

ATE Grants

Presenter:  Dr. V. Celeste Carter, DUE, NSF, Washington D.C.

Dr. Carter discussed how the National Science Foundation helps fund education and training needs through the Advanced Technology Education program (ATE).

Customized Training

Presenter:  Lennie Ciufo, Los Angeles Valley College, Los Angeles, CA

Lennie Ciufo discussed integrating workforce development into your curricula.  

Internship Case Studies

Presenter:  Karen Overklift, BIOCOM, San DIego, CA

Karen Overklift discussed creating sustainable internships using LSSI and EDGE programs as case studies.  

Hosting Interns

Presenter:  Andreas Walz, Ophidion, Pasadena, CA

Andreas Walz discussed working with interns at the Masters level and the lesson that were learned.  

Bioman Course in a Box

Presenter:  Dr. Sonia Wallman, NBC2, Portsmouth, NH

Dr. Sonia Wallman discussed putting Biomanufacturing into your curriculum.  

Teacher Resources from the Amgen-Bruce Wallace Program

Presenter:  Dr. Martin Ikkanda, Pierce College, Woodland Hill, CA

Dr. Martin Ikkanda discussed video resources found through the Amgen-Bruce Wallace Program.  

Pierce College
Wireless Life Sciences Alliance

Presenter:  Andrea Jackson, Wireless Life Sciences Alliance, San Diego, CA

Andrea Jackson discussed the Wireless Life Sciences Alliance.  


Presenter:  Adriana Vela, NanoTecNexus, San Diego, CA

Adriana Vela discussed nanotechnology opportunities and challenges.  

Soft Skills Overview

Presenter:  Jeffery O'Neal, California Community Colleges, Sacramento, CA

Jeffery O'Neal discussed the soft skills needed in a biotech career. 

Soft Skills: Get the Job

Presenter:  Julie Demeules, Santarus, San Diego, CA

Julie Demeules discussed what soft skills employers are looking for. 

Working with Temp Agencies

Presenter:  Quynh Nguyen, Lab Support, San Diego, CA

Quynh Nguyen discussed the benefits of working with temp agencies. 

Integrating Soft Skills into Lectures

Presenter:  Dr. Pamela Eversole-Cire, Pasadena City College, Pasadena, CA

Dr. Pamela Eversole-Cire discussed Integrating soft skills into lectures.

Pasadena City College
Integrating Soft Skills into Labs

Presenter:  Dr. Sandra Slivka, Southern Califronia Biotechnology Center, San Diego, CA

Dr. Sandra Slivka discussed Integrating soft skills into labs. 

Miramar College
Working with your local Workforce Development Organization and One-Stop

Presenter:  Levar Watkins, Job Works, San Diego, CA

Levar Watkins discussed the benefits of working with your local Workforce Development Organization.

Coaching Students

Presenter:  Dr. Gloria Rodriguez-Banuelos, San Diego City College, San Diego, CA

Dr. Gloria Rodriguez-Banuelos discussed coaching students in creating a professional development stratagy. 



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