Biotech Industry

"I'm Changing the Face of Biotech"

CCSF students, instructors, as well as industry professionals talk about changing the face of biotech.

Careers in Bioprocessing

This video is from the North Carolina Bionetwork. It describes careers in bioprocessing.

Connecting to the Bio-Link community, Sandra Porter HiTec2011

Dr. Sandra Porter, a Bio-Link Co-PI, talks about connecting to Bio-Link via Social Media

Dr. Moira Gunn, Keynote talk HiTec2011

Dr. Moira Gunn, host of NPR's Tech Nation talks about biotechnology and technician education.

Preparing for a Career in the Emerging Field of Genomics

The field of Genomics is growing at more than an exponential rate.

What is a Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)?

This video explains the role of SOPs in biomanufacturing. 

What is Biomanufacturing?

This video defines biomanufacturing and explains the role of biomanufacturing in the pharmaceutical industry.

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