High School Biotech Programs

Bio-Link: Not Just Changing Individuals, Changing Communities

Dr. Elaine Johnson, Director of Bio-Link, and Claudette Bruno, high school science teacher, talk about Bio-Link.

Challenges in Starting a High School Biotech Program

Debbie Hawks from Blair I.B. High School in Pasadena, California talks about the challenges in starting a high school biotech program.

Innovative HS Student Project: Modeling a Biotechnology Company

George Cachianes, biotech instructor from Lincoln High School in San Francisco, describes the successful innovative program he designed.

Tips for Building a Biotech Program (High School)

Xan Simonson from Mesa Public Schools in Arizona gives tips for building a biotech high school program.

What Biotech High School Students Want To Do

Biotech students from Lincoln High School in San Francisco talk about what they want to do in the biotech field.

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