Bio-Link Instructors

Biotech Instructors

Edgar Troudt, Faraz Movahedzade, Shelley O'Grady, and Judith Fitzpatrick talk about their experiences as biotech instructors.

"I'm Changing the Face of Biotech"

CCSF students, instructors, as well as industry professionals talk about changing the face of biotech.

2012 CCSF Biotech Networking Event

Biotechnology students in the Bridge to Biotech program at City College of San Francisco talk about their motivation to study biotechnology. Filmed at the 2012 Biotechnology Networking Event.

Bridge to Biotech Instructor Dr. Carin Zimmerman

Carin Zimmerman gives an overview of the Bridge to Biotech program.

Bridge to Biotech Instructor Rob Yung

Rob Yung, language instructor in the Bridge to Biotech program, talks about his experience teaching in the program.

Helping Students Learn How to Create a Scientific Poster

Laurence Clement, biotech instructor, talks about creating a scientific poster.

My Career in Biotech Education

Josephine Pino from Portland Community College in Oregon talks about her career in biotech education.

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