Bio-Link Partners

Perspectives from BABEC and Bio-Rad

Katy Korsmeyer from BABEC and Sherri Andrews and Michele Gilbert from Bio-Rad talk about their experiences as Bio-Link partners.

"I'm Changing the Face of Biotech"

CCSF students, instructors, as well as industry professionals talk about changing the face of biotech.

An Inside View of Bay Area Biotech Education

BABEC, the Bay Area Biotechnology Education Consortium, is dedicated to supporting access to biotech education for all high school and com

Bio-Link: Not Just Changing Individuals, Changing Communities

Dr. Elaine Johnson, Director of Bio-Link, and Claudette Bruno, high school science teacher, talk about Bio-Link.

I'm Part of the Bio-Link Community

Tamara Goetz from Salt Lake City, Utah talks about her experiences as a member of the Bio-Link community.

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