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Bio-Link Clearinghouse of
Curriculum Materials for
Biotechnology Technician Education
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Welcome to the Curriculum section of the Bio-Link Clearinghouse. This section provides information about what people teach in biotechnology programs. In this site you will find various skill standards documents that outline the technical skills, knowledge, and attributes that are required at the entry-level in the biotechnology work place. For some brief comments about skill standards, click here. This site also contains information on starting new programs. If you would rather look at such resources as laboratory and classroom activities, information on particular biotechnology-related topics, and teaching ideas, then check out the Instructional Materials section. If you are a high school teacher, you might prefer to begin with the "Biotechnology in the High School" Curriculum Page.
Biotechnology Education
Biotechnology and CurriculumNew Item
Compiled by the Bio-Link staff
Click here for link
Biotechnology Education needs to relate to the National Science Biotechnology Skill Standards as well as workplace needs. This document is a compilation of views and links on Biotechnology Education.
Intersting web sites:New Item
Compiled by the Bio-Link Staff
Click here for link
Here are some interesting sites that are worth looking at. Included are some good updates of established sites and new material that will help fill out the curriculum.
Articulation Guidelines with Case Histories for Community College Biotechnology Programs
Review of Articulation Agreements
By Linnea Flectcher, Ph.D
and Alice Sessions, M.A.T., Ph.D.
Austin Community College
Click here for link
Articulation Agreements help students as well as a program develop ties with secondary schools and other colleges and universities. This review discusses different kinds of agreements that are in place for current successful Biotechnology programs.
Extended Biotechnology Courses
Course Outline/Description
Judi Heitz
Chula Vista High School
Click here for link
The Sweetwater Union High School District has prepared this series of Biotechnology courses for underserved high school students. This course emphasizes the required knowledge from state standards as well as the skills required for entry level employment.
Biotechnology in the High SchoolNew Item
Curriculum Material
Contributions from High School Teachers
Click here for link
Here is a collection of Biotechnology topics, course curriculum and classroom syllabi for the high school. Compare your curriculum with others, then share syllabi or topics you find useful in the classroom.
Starting a Two-year College Biotechnology Technician Program
Curriculum Materials
Compiled by Bio-Link Staff
Click here for link
Here is a collection of general resources for educators starting a Biotechnology Technician program in their two-year college.
Some Brief Comments About Skill Standards
Curriculum Development Material
Compiled by Bio-Link Staff
Click here for link
Comments about the use of Industry Skill Standards in the Biotechnology Curriculum
Biotechnology Skills Standards
Curriculum Development Material
Compiled by Bio-Link Staff
Click here for link
Here is an assortment of Bioscience/Agricultural Biotechnology Skills Standards. We hope that they will be useful for development of new programs as well as for comparisons with existing programs.
Online Resources for EDC/FFA Combined Biotechnology Skills Standards
Web-based Curriculum Development Material
Compiled by Bio-Link Staff
Click here for link
Extensive web links have been collected for the Biotechnology Technician Skills Standards. This is a great starting place to find additional information useful for curriculum development.

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