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All of Bio-Link.org

Biotechnology Skills Standards

Last updated: February 14, 2006

Included here is an assortment of Industry Skills Standards from a variety of two-year Biotechnology Technician Programs. We hope that they will be useful for developing programs or for comparison of programs. If you would like to share your standards, please send them to Bio-Link Curriculum Clearinghouse and we will post them.

Biopharmaceutical Manufacturing Skill Standards



This book provides the instructor in biomanufacturing the necessary concrete information to construct curriculum, courses and modules and purchase equipment for education and training for ten biomanufacturing jobs. Additional supporting information and documentation for the Biomanufacturing Skill Standards along with downloadable surveys that can be used to validate skills, knowledge and attributes for these ten biomanufacturing jobs in other areas of the country can be found at the main website.

Combined Bioscience/Agricultural Biotechnology Skill Standards

Implementation Guidelines and Curriculum Frameworks for the Bioscience/Agricultural Biotechnology Industry can be found in the Combined Academic Knowledge Technical Skills, and Employability Skills from Bioscience and Agricultural Biotechnology Skills Standards. This document was prepared by Dr. Judith Leff from Education Development Center, Inc. and Dr. Jeff Moss from FFA Foundation, Inc. The Skills Standards were developed with the assistance of biotechnology educators and industry representatives.


Agricultural Biotechnology Skill Standards


The National FFA Foundation, Madison, Wisconsin, prepared this document in 1994. This joint project of academia and industry defines the training and skills needed for the agricultural biotechnology technician. The Standards are available on CDROM as part of the FFA document Biotechnology 2002 for Plants, Animals and the Environment or through The Michigan Center for Career and Technical Educations.


Bioscience Industry Skill Standards


The National Skills Standards Board publishes many of the skill standards to enhance the quality of the US workforce. They have developed standards for many industries including the Bioscience Industry. This document was prepared Education Development Center, Inc. in Newton, Massachusetts, and focuses on the qualities for beginning-level employment in biotechnology, pharmaceutical, clinical laboratories, as well as processing facilities.


National Association of Scientific Materials Managers
NAOSMM is a professional organization involved in the management of laboratories. Members of this organization are involved in the "purchasing, receiving, warehousing, distribution, and inventory control of chemicals, pharmaceuticals, glassware and plasticware, instruments and special services in research, teaching, and R & D fields." Individuals work in academia, industry or research. NAOSMM is involved in developing methods for training and certification of these professionals. This is a good site to gain some insight on the development of a certified program for laboratory managers.


ACAP Austin Competency Analysis Profile - Biotechnology

This is a very detailed document compiled by experts in both academics and industry. The Austin Competency Analysis Profiles (ACAPs) are competency lists compiled from job analysis that involved business, industry, labor, and community agency representatives from throughout the Austin area. This document includes the following topics: ACC's Curriculum Development Process; ACAP Process Overview; ACAP Session Agenda; ACAP: Biotechnology Occupational Competencies; Employability Competencies; ACT Work Keys Skill Levels.

Making Skill Standards Work
This manual is from the Education Development Center, Inc., (EDC) and profiles successful education to employment programs. This practical manual was written by Judith Leff, Joyce Malyn Smith and Elisabeth Hiles and is available for sale from the EDC web site.


Window on the Workplace

Also known as A Training Needs Assessment For the Biomanufacturing Workforce March 2003. To assess changing company workforce training needs, the Center conducted a survey of biomanufacturing companies in late 2002. The survey results are documented in our Window on the Workplace report.


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