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Bio-Link Communities

The core of the Bio-Link network is a large community of biotechnology programs in two and four year colleges that offer associate degrees and technical certificates in a variety of biotechnology topics. However, the Bio-Link community is even larger when its affiliate members in high-schools, industry, undergraduate and graduate institutions, and partners are considered. Together, this community provides an end-to-end range of educational resources that increase industry awareness and provide multiple ways for individuals to enter the biotechnology profession and develop their careers.  Within Bio-Link, members organize into communities.  Some communities (Learning Communities or Communities of Practice), such as the Bridge Learning Community, work together to explore specific topics and learn together.  Other communities (Bio-Link Circles) work in teams on specific projects to accomplish common goals and develop skills in leadership and project management.

Bio-Link Programs are located at 2 and 4 year colleges that offer degrees and certificates in biotechnology-related area and prepare students to work in a bioscience career. Programs are located through the US. Click on a marker to view a program. You can also learn more about Bio-Link Programs and view a larger map with K-12 affiliates.

Bio-Link Depot

The Bio-Link Depot is a non-profit 501c3 organization operated by the City College of San Francisco as part of Bio-Link.  Since 2002, the Bio-Link Depot has connected teachers with science ... Read more

Bridge to Biosciences

The Bridge to Biosciences is an innovative program developed at the City College of San Francisco (CCSF), and disseminated through Bio-Link, that helps prepare a wide variety of students for ... Read more

Bio-Link Affiliates expand the community to create end-to-end learning opportunities

High schools, institutions, organizations, can companies partner with Bio-Link as Bio-Link Affiliates.

Bio-link Circles create working and learning groups of Bio-Link members

Bio-Link community members work together to accomplish community goals.