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Thu, May 13 2021

NSF Bioeconomy Distinguished Lecture Series

Panel Presentation : Linnea Fletcher, PhD (Austin Community College); Thomas Tubon, PhD (Madison Area Technical College); Russ Read (Forsyth Tech Community College)

Scoping and Educating the Dynamic Biotech Workforce
Advancing the U.S. bioeconomy will require a growing biotechnology workforce that is well educated and diverse. Located at Austin Community College in Texas and partnering with institutions of higher education, high schools, industry, and non-profits throughout the country, the ... Read more

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Linnea Fletcher


Sandra Porter
Walla Walla grain storage buildings
Dr. Sandra Porter gave this presentation at the Worthington Bio Conference, April 2018. Read more

Biotechnology students in the Bridge to Biotech program at City College of San Francisco talk about their motivation to study biotechnology. Filmed at the 2012 Biotechnology Networking Event. View video

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